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V-Replica Sublimation paper Fueled by Innovation, Driven by Service Promise

V-Replica is a renowned name in the Indian paper & textile printing industry. With an experience of over 15 years in the domain, the V-Replica Group is regarded as an authority in sublimation paper domain. Started as a small industry player, the V-Replica Group continuously upgraded its capabilities by identifying technologies and opportunities to disrupt the paper industry.

With extensive industry experience, the V-Replica Group began searching for new opportunities to help global businesses, fashion houses, home furnishing and décor companies to expand their product portfolio through innovative solution.

V-Replica Sublimation Paper is the brainchild of V-Replica Group that is committed to disrupting the fashion, home décor and apparel segment with the help of international-grade sublimation papers. The company owns and operates India’s first coating machine that can handle air knifechemical coating, backside balance coating and online calendar coating. Employing latest machinery for production, V-Replica Sublimation Paper is driving ultra-modern innovation superseding the set standards in the field of sublimation paper industry in India.


At V-Replica, we are committed to serving our honored clientele with highest servicing standards and delighting with innovative and high-yielding solutions. Employing the latest technological innovation in manufacturing of sublimation paper, we aim at helping apparel manufacturers, home décor suppliers and vendors in diversifying their product range without compromising on quality.

Highly-committed & Experienced Team of Sublimation Paper Experts

The story of V-Replica in the paper industry goes back to the year 2001 when it all started. Boasting of an exemplary vision, V-Replica was able to attract highly-experienced and passionate professionals specializing in the field of paper manufacturing since inception.

Today, V-Replica Sublimation Paper has a highly-trained and diligent team of industry experts who understand manufacturing processes, international compliances and other aspects, in depth. Having vast industry and research experience, our team can cater to diverse and customized sublimation paper manufacturing requirements with perfection.

Team V-Replica is a shining example of how hard work and dedication can work wonders. We have been able to continuously evolve as an organization because of our hardworking team and through focused efforts and continuous motivation, we have succeeded in becoming a highly-satisfied workplace with shining credentials.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure Boasting of India’s First 3-line Coating Machine

V-Replica has always been on the zenith of innovation, since inception. Today, the company boasts of owning and operating one of the country’s most advanced sublimation paper manufacturing unit.

The company’s manufacturing unit is equipped with latest equipment and machinery, making it the most sophisticated piece of infrastructure in the sublimation paper manufacturing industry.

V-Replica has successfully superseded local and national players in bringing international-grade manufacturing capabilities to India.

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